The idea of creating the company CAREER CATALYSTS started to take root in 2008 when Naomi Berman was between jobs.  She had recently completed her coaching certification at the Career Coach Institute, but her timing for her coaching career was put on a hold.  A few weeks, after she graduated, she was offered a position with Amphenol Corporation.  She decided to put her coaching business on the back burner, periodically supplementing her income with part time resume writing.  Naomi’s career at Amphenol took off quickly where she was promoted multiple times.  Although, her career never followed a normal trajectory, she always managed to gain invaluable experiences, and reach new career objectives in each of her positions.


In her early years her career path zigzagged between corporate and agency work, with her most challenging and profitable years working at the Waters Group, before the dot com bust.  On the corporate side, Amphenol afforded her tremendous growth opportunities that opened up new doors, and advanced her recruiting experience into a global arena.  She immersed herself in the world of interconnect technology and solutions sales for over 7 years. 

At Amphenol she also managed all of the college recruiting at some of the top engineering schools in the country, and travelled to campus career fairs to meet with Professors and Career Counselor,s as well.  She visited manufacturing facilities to learn the nuts and bolts of working for a global manufacturing operation.  This helped her to understand the complexity of the business she was recruiting in, and enabled her to expand her network and build more diverse relationships throughout the manufacturing world.  


Naomi's network is always in the process of growth.  As new students get introduced into the engineering job market,  Managers get promoted to Directors, as VP's become GM's, and as CEO's retire, relocate or get replaced, recruiters continue to make placements. 


In 2013 Naomi, relaunched Career Catalysts on a full time basis, and expanded her recruiting services to do more retained searches.  Further down the road she hopes to be partnering with more start-ups and entrepreneurs, and speaking at colleges and universities to provide a more holistic approach to career preparation.  Additional Services are always being introduced.


If you are someone interested in consulting for Career Catalysts, contact Naomi for more detailed information.  Career Catalysts is hiring.....and is always open to part time and full time recruiters and resume writers. 

LEANNA LAWTER has over nineteen years of industry experience. Most recently she was President of The Waters Group, an executive search firm and HR consulting practice.


She also held positions at HBO/Time Warner, Donnelly Marketing, Reader's Digest, Pepsico and Fleet Bank. She has a BA in Mathematics from Colgate, an M.S. in statistics, an MBA and is completing a Ph.D in organizational development at City University in NY, while teaching at Sacred Heart University.  She serves as mentor and part time consultant for Career Catalysts.


Chief Operating Officer

Julie Portnoy started her career in marketing after graduating Southern Connecticut State University.  After two years, she quickly moved into a business management role as Assistant to the CEO of a major corporation called, PrimeEnergy Corp. which is in the oil and gas industry.  In this role she said it was non-stop work in highly competitive and deadline driven environment.  Although she learned a great deal, after almost a decade, she decided it was time for a change.  Next she moved into the Health Care Industry as Business Manager, and before joining Career Catalysts, she hired Naomi Berman as her Career Coach.  During this time Julie and Naomi discovered they loved working together and Julie quickly realized recruiting would be a fantastic and challenging career path for her, combining both her business skills and people skills.  She is currently training as a Recruiter and working as Research Assistant/Business Mngr. When she is not working, Julie lives in South Salem and manages a household with three teenage boys, who keep her on her toes.  Julie hopes to be able to carve out time for education and helping people to find their own personal and professional paths as she embarks on her own future endeavors.

SERGEANT MAJOR (SGM) CATERINA "CAT" VERONESI joined the Judge Advocate General’s Corps as a Paralegal specializing in Criminal Law and served in various assignments including the 3rd Infantry Division in Kitzingen, Germany, U.S. Army Armor Center, Fort Knox, KY, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), Fort Campbell, KY and Eighth U.S. Army, Seoul, Korea. In 1990, she earned the titles of Drill Sergeant, Instructor and First Sergeant. Veronesi’s combat deployments include Operation Enduring Freedom, Bagram, Afghanistan from 2012-2013, Operation New Dawn, Baghdad, Iraq in 2010, Horn of Africa (Djibouti) in 2009 and Operation Iraqi Freedom, Baghdad, Iraq from 2006-2007. Among her awards and commendations are the Bronze Star Medal, Purple Heart Medal, Meritorious Service Medal, the Combat Action Badge, Drill Sergeant Identification Badge and the Physical Fitness Badge.


As a civilian, Caterina’s background is in marketing research for consumer packaged goods. She was formerly employed by Daymon Worldwide. Today, Cat advocates on behalf of Vets in the workforce and will be expanding our services to employers and to veterans nationwide.


Research Assistant