Everyone needs a career coach, recruiter, and/or resume writer at least once in their professional life.


Send us your résumé - regardless of what shape it is in, we can help!  Rest assured we won't send your résumé anywhere without your permission; we know how to (and will) protect your best interests.  We don't just file you in our system; in fact, your résumé is always active. We will target the specific companies you want to work for, and we'll call you when a position opens up - or give us a call to go over your résumé. We don't just get you a foot in the door, we get you the recognition you deserve!


Our team of Catalysts are all under oath to protect their client's interests and keep everything that is discussed by phone or by email, extremely confidential. Phone consultations, interviews and coaching sessions, are always private. We stake our reputations on being able to honor everyone's confidentiality both job seekers and employers. All coaching sessions are also customized and mutually agreed upon. The objective is to create a career road map, designed to address your short term and long term goals.



Employers/employees and job seekers generally, have similar goals. Everyone wants success for themselves and the companies they work for. At Career Catalysts we are trained to help everyone achieve these goals. We can help employers save money and time by improving their hiring performance and training and development programs, not just for their leaders but for their entire talent pool. We can also help job seekers avoid job hopping, and implementing the wrong strategies. In order for everyone to experience success and avoid mismatches/miscommunications everyone needs to be better informed and working together. Employees needs to be aware they will not always end up on a straight path or in greener pastures, if they change fields or companys. Hiring managers need to learn to predict job satisfaction amongst their team members more accurately, before employees give notice.