During a quick lunch with a fellow recruiter, I confided I was beginning to feel overwhelmed by all the administrative work I had piled up on my desk all the phone calls I still had to get to, and all the hundreds of emails requiring my undivided attention, not to mention my coaching and resume writing business I have been neglecting for weeks.

Her solution rather than work 24 hours days was to take a break. At first I was horrified. I said, “Are you crazy - take a break now? I am just starting to build up my business. I can’t possibly take time off, now. Right?

She then, replied, “Nope, you are dead wrong, Now, is precisely when you need to take time off. Don’t you see you are in danger of getting burnt out.”

I looked at her and thought to myself. She is right. I am already feeling burnt out, It will only get worse if I don’t stop pushing myself so hard. I have to step away and whether I can afford it or not.

The mere thought of unplugging from all my unfinished work at a time when I am just reintroducing myself to my network, restructuring and and redesigning my business model, and my web site, and my new work environment seems terrifying Everything in my life is in transition. How could I possibly just brake? Stop working……While I pondered this idea, which I admit sounded both terrifying and intriguing it occurred to me how very little I knew about how to go about recharging my battery. I wasn’t at all looking to take a vacation. Nor was my friend suggesting a vacation. Instead she was suggesting I “Tame the Frenzy as coined by Paul Hammerness and Margaret Moore, in their book “Organize your Mind Organize your Life.”

All of a sudden, I knew a break was exactly what I needed. It was the reason I was feeling overwhelmed, and why I wasn’t thriving and 100% motivated. I do need to recharge my batteries, I thought, but how?

For the first time in a long time, I was in unknown territory. Well, if I was still working at corporate headquarters for my previous boss (where I was laid off) I would have exactly 3 weeks and five days of vacation. But I would never dream of taking it all at once. For the past decade I never completely recharged my battery because I never took enough time off, right? A 100 questions started to swarm through my head.

How long is a sufficient time to recharge?

What are the best ways to go about recharging. Is it going to be different for everyone? is there a way to speed up the process? Is it possible to have someone monitor my progress? Will I know for sure when I am fully charged?

Usually, like many people, when I come back from a vacation I have that sick feeling like I should never have left. It usually sets in the day I return to work or the night before I return. For some people it can even start the moment you land at your vacation destination.

Obviously, in order not to get burnt out I was going to have to work at not working. My goal in the next few weeks when most of the world is already scheduled for some R & R, this could be an ideal time to unwind, and try to rethink my priorities. Perhaps, others will follow my lead and benefit from my sharing in my process..

Back in touch soon.

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