Most days, now that I am in business for myself, I spend 60 to 70% of my time on LinkedIn. I am not a person who is stalking other people, most recruiters are combing LinkedIn regularly, relying on it the way an accountant relies on an excel spread sheet. . But, relying on social media sites in your line of work, does present some unique problems.

On Linkedin for example, the site is often changing their format and with every change there are three or four new glitches you need to work out. Right now, I can no longer email more than one person at a time………unless I want to go from a Premium account which is already costing more than it costs to feed a family of four in many parts of the world, to a special Recruiters Account. So I resist forking it up. I think to myself come on, what;s the point of having a database of 6,000 potential candidates if I can’t email more than one at a time.

Quite frankly, this raises another important issue, to be a good recruiter, should not boil down to how sophisticated my computer and social media skills are, but the bottom line is that many professions today require a person to not just be good at their profession but also, good at a slew of administrative tasks associated with using a a lot of different software programs. Since, I don’t have the luxury to hire someone to do the admin piece of my work, naturally the administrative work can get in the way of my recruiting.

I find myself wondering if it might be possible for sole practitioners to share an admin over the internet. I wonder if there are other independent recruiters interested in setting up a new business model? It might actually be a good business model for many small businesses.

But this kind of business wont be relevant to todays college grads. That’s because they practically have these skills built into their DNA. and because in order to survive in a rapidly changing job market, they will need to do two jobs well in order to survive. That’s partly why colleges created the concept of dual majors found on most college campuses.. But what about all the workers today who missed out on those dual majors and don’t have computer skills built into their DNA? How long can they survive in today’s economy? These are some of the questions a lot of people are asking themselves today. I often hear these same people mostly in their 40’s and 50’s, say that they just want to unplug their computers and escape the constant flow of information„ I on the other hand just want to all the glitches. I want a glitch- free existence!! Imagine how nice that could be.


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